Longbranch Stable
I will be forever grateful for finding Mr. Ed and Longbranch.  I have only been a resident since March 2017, but I cannot say enough about this facility.  They (Ed, Jackie, Nancy, Julie, Nicole) truly put the horse first, and take care of our rescue thoroughbred Henry as if he were their own.  Henry has definitely had some health issues since his rescue, and I could not have found a better place for his forever home.  We call his stall the "Taj Ma'stall" and he has been spoiled since his arrival.  The amount of knowledge and resources at Longbranch would be very difficult to match at any other facility in the area, and if you are fortunate enough to board here, do not hesitate.  The residents here rarely leave - we were blessed there was a rare opening for just one hot second....and I just happened to call on the right day.  This was just meant to be for Henry, who deserved to be at such a wonderful stable.  To Mr. Ed and his amazing staff....thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Christine Giresi