Longbranch Stable
Came for the Canadian hay! Stayed for the incredible care!

My boarding experience at Longbranch started in 2012 when I first decided to start bringing my horse down with me to spend the winter. Since I was bringing her back and forth from Toronto I wanted her to have Canadian hay, and Ed is the biggest local supplier of Canadian hay. So I went to meet Ed and after visiting Longbranch and talking to Ed that first day I knew without a doubt there was no better place for my Chica to spend the winter. Not only is the hay excellent, the facilities and care and attention to the horses was inspiring. It made me confident I could bring my horse that long distance and know without a doubt she would be extremely well cared for.

We did the seasonal back and forth from Canada for a couple of years with Chica always happy to arrive and settle back in at Longbranch for the winter. Eventually we made Florida our permanent home, and Chica is now very happily a permanent resident at Longbranch. My admiration and gratitude to Ed and all the staff at Longbranch for their extraordinary care has only deepened over the last five years. The barn is spectacularly clean and organized and always a quiet and relaxed, almost Zen-like atmosphere for the horses. Everyone is always happy, the staff are amazing, and Ed is an awesome horseman. He always says “the horses come first”, and he means it!

Thank you to everyone at Longbranch for all you do every day to care for my most precious girl!

Heather Arden Roy