Longbranch Stable
“We focus on the horse” 3303 Rye Road, Parrish,  FL  34219 (941) 776-3603
                 Stable Special Features

*  Individual 12' X 12' stalls with pelleted bedding for cleanliness, over shell marl.  Shell marl provides a firm foundation with excellent percolation.
* There are twenty stalls in the main barn with two outside stalls in a separate facility.
*  Every stall is equipped with an automatic waterer, feed bowl, hay rack, mineral block rack and overhead fan.
*  Each stall has a sliding door access from the interior aisleway and a dutch door to the exterior.
*  The 14 foot concrete center aisle way includes rubber floor matting and numerous cross ties.
*  Two concrete cross aisle ways offer additional access.
*  Excellent cross ventilation and roof ventilation.
*  An automatic pesticide control system throughout the aisle way and stall area substantially reduces flies and bugs providing an added level of comfort for both horses and boarders.
*  Seven wash racks
*  Separate clean and secure feed storage room.
*  Two separate tack rooms complete with two saddle racks for each boarder.
*  Two bathrooms, one with shower.
*  Washer, dryer and utility sink.
*  Microwave and refrigerator.
* Stable telephone for local calls.
*  Horse trailer parking.
*  Emergency Lights