Longbranch Stable
                                     The Outlaw Thrush Stuff

If you, like us, at the Longbranch Boarding Facility LLC, have identified infected(hoof) toe issues and have tried several products to aid in the prevention and treatment of thrush, white line disease, and seedy toe issues, with limited success, we have found and now have been utilizing a product called “Outlaw”.   The Outlaw Thrush Stuff was designed as an aid in preventing and treating infected feet in horses.  It is applied directly to the bottom of the hoof capsule and hoof wall (the infected area).  As an antiseptic and astringent , it kills the bacteria and fungus in the hoof and dries the affected area, protecting it. It works great, cost effective, and strong enough to do the job, even in the wet conditions. The procedure, we, at the Longbranch, utilize (depending on the damage) is as follows:  pick clean, rinse with water, apply 5% chlorhexidine with clean brush, then DRY, and apply the Outlaw Thrush Stuff with a clean brush.  In my opinion, equestrians do not like to hear, the lack of keeping the hooves CLEAN, is the problem. We treat several cases of thrush and white line disease when horses are brought to our horse rehabilitation and post –operative program.  Please stop by the Longbranch Boarding Facility to view the product.     
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