Longbranch Stable

 We, at the Longbranch, have been serving top quality hay from Canada; and mostly from the same farm since 1995, and have the hay available for sale. Typically, there is 2 to 3% alfalfa in the hay (strictly for taste and smell).  Presently, the hay is coming from the same large hay fields and stored in large barns for our specific use.  Many agree that the soil in Canada makes the best hay.  We find that too much alfalfa is too hot and contributes to polyuria (forcing the horse to urinate more and therefore dehydrates the horse, especially in the summer. It is very noticeable that the hay is clean and not dusty (perhaps it is due to the Canadian wind blowing through the hay fields). We receive a new hay delivery about every two weeks. Each of our hay storage semis has a fan and are well ventilated to protect the hay quality.
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